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Our mission at Bubb Elementary is to be a safe, engaging, growth-oriented, standards-based learning community that balances direct instruction with inquiry learning where everyone collaborates, perseveres, and thinks critically.

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Welcome, bienvenido, 歡迎, bienvenue, שלום עליכם, 환영해, !خوش آمدید :)

WATSA Updates

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Thank you so much for your participation in the Walkathon & Silent Auction!  The event was a huge success thanks to our wonderful Bubb Cubs and their generous families!

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Principal's Message

Dear Bubb Families,

This week, our entire school district will participate in an annual emergency (earthquake) exercise.  Students practice the duck, cover, and hold procedure, evacuate the buildings, and then wait in a safe enclosure on the blacktop while the adults practice their assigned duties.  

In the event of an actual emergency situation PARENTS should:

  • Stay calm and cooperative for the protection of all students and staff on site.
  • Report to the Sign-Out Area (the car circle in front of the school).
  • HAVE YOUR ID READY. Safety first. We want to reunite you with your child as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Stand in the appropriate line according to the first letter of the student’s last name.
  • Complete and sign the student release form.
  • Receive a ticket or card. NO TICKET, NO STUDENT.
  • Move to the side wait area (near the MUR).
  • A runner with the corresponding ticket will be sent to the Reunion Area to bring your child to you at the wait area.
  • BE PATIENT. Runners will bring children to the wait area to meet their parents. Give the runner the matching ticket.
  • Parents and children should leave campus immediatelyThe campus will not be secure to enter after a disaster. Students should not expect to collect their backpacks or belongings.
  • Allow emergency responders to do their job.

Additional considerations:

DO NOT enter through the Barbara side of the school.  Do not park in the car circle or parking lots. These areas are designated for emergency vehicles and first responders.

DO NOT send a neighbor, friend or relative not listed on your child’s emergency card to pick them up in your place. Can’t recall who’s on the list? Plan ahead – Email the school secretary so we can verify and update at any time –  

DO NOT remove your child from school grounds without signing a student release form. Why? We want to be absolutely sure that children are safely reunited with their families. 

DO NOT call the school or district office. ALL staff and students will have evacuated the building and no one will be able to answer your call. 

Ask your child to recall the emergency procedures they follow at school, while the information is still fresh in their minds.  It is also a great time to discuss your emergency procedures at home.  

Have a great week!

In partnership,
Principal Cyndee

Lunch Supervisors Needed

We are looking for some caring adults to help us supervise students during lunch recess!  Do you or someone you know have an hour a day to help us out?  This job is a paid position and works out well for a college student with a break in his/her schedule or for those who work from home.  Please contact Principal Cyndee ( for more information.

Join the PTA!

Studies show that kids whose parents get involved with their education do better in school. So we invite all Bubb parents to get involved in two ways:

  1. Join the PTA
  2. Volunteer at school

We welcome your ideas and look forward to seeing you at our next general PTA meeting at 8:00 a.m., Wednesday, October 26th in the Staff Lounge!

School and Community Engagement Facilitator (SCEF)

Eb Lopez is Bubb Elementary’s School and Community Engagement Facilitator. The Community Engagement Facilitator will work to ensure that every student, family, and community member will feel valued and supported while working, learning, and partnering with our school.

We encourage you to stop by main office to meet your facilitator. Find out how Eb can help you navigate the school system, how you can be more involved in your student’s academic success, and how you can participate in school events.

Eb can also be reached at (650) 526-3480 ext. 1406 and

Get Connected At Bubb!

Here are two ways for you to stay connected with the Bubb community:

  1. Join Konstella! This super helpful communication tool will help you stay on top of classroom and school-wide events, activities, sign-ups and to-dos. Learn more.
  2. Follow us on Facebook:

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