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Our mission at Bubb Elementary is to be a safe, engaging, results-oriented, standards-based learning community that balances direct instruction with inquiry learning where everyone collaborates, perseveres, and thinks critically.

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2015-16: English & Español

Welcome to Bubb!

Welcome, bienvenido, 歡迎, bienvenue, שלום עליכם, 환영해, !خوش آمدید :)

Principal's Message

Dear Bubb Families,

Thank you so much for a fantastic year. I have really enjoyed working with you and all of your children. Bubb kids are wonderful, unique individuals who amaze me every day with their curiosity, kindness, and creativity. I know they will continue to do great things as they get older and I would love to hear about any or all of these things. Be my summer pen pal! Students can send me an email ( telling me about great books they've read or adventures that they've had and I promise to write back! Read more...

Got an Incoming Kinder or New Bubb Student for the 2015-16 School Year?

You probably have tons of questions! Well, we got some answers for you on our New Families FAQ page.

Summer Reading Program Is Back!

Keep up with your reading over the summer break. Record the titles in the Summer Reading Log as you go along, and if you read at least 10 books, you will receive a prize in the fall!

"Who Moved My Cheese? (For Kids)" 5th Grade Lesson May 27, 2015

On May 27, all the 5th Graders met in the MUR for their very last Project Cornerstone lesson in Bubb. The lesson was based on the book Who Moved My Cheese? (For Kids) by Spencer Johnson.

Facing a new school in the Fall, it was timely for the 5th Graders to learn all about change. They learned that they cannot control change, they can only control their reaction to change. Read more...

Project Cornerstone at Bubb May 2015 - Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco

This month’s ABC book, Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco, is an autobiographical book about a struggling student. At age 5 she goes to school to learn to read. By 5th Grade, she still can’t read and continues to be bullied by other students. She is a wonderful artist and is encouraged and supported by her family. Finally, when she gets to 5th Grade her teacher, Mr. Falker, works with her to discover her unique keys to learning. This is a story about a family’s love, a girl’s pain and what happens when an adult believes in a child’s potential to learn. Read more...