Open Volunteer Positions - 2017-18 School Year

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! As you know, Bubb School relies heavily on parent volunteers to help deliver a wonderfully well-rounded education to our kids. So we need your help!

Below are the PTA jobs for which we need volunteers to help next year. If you are interested in one of the individual roles or committee positions below, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Felicia Hernandez ( or sign up on Konstella.


Language Liaison Committee: Help the Language Liaison and Bubb Teachers and Staff translate important communications. We need members able to provide oral and written communication in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and more.

Marquee Co-Lead: Determine important dates and events and review with office staff. Coordinate volunteers to update the informational signs at the front and back of the school on a monthly or bi-monthly basis during school hours. It'll take about an hour and a half each time, and we promise not to make you spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious this year!


Book Fair Coordinators: Coordinate the dates of the fall and spring Book Fair with the PTA, the school office, and Scholastic Press. Publicize the Book Fair through the Bulletin and by hanging posters in advance. Open and close up every day of the Fair. Enlist volunteers to help set up, work the registers, and/or help students select books. Coordinate "Reading Under the Stars" evening event.

Book Fair Committee: Help Book Fair Chairs to set up, run and take down the fall and spring Book Fairs. Book Fair jobs include running cash registers, helping coordinate book donations for teachers, and helping students select books and determine if they have enough money for their selections.

Box Tops for Education Co-Leads: Collect, sort, count, and mail in box tops. Advertise in the Bubb Bulletin and at kinder classrooms. Approximately 8 hours in October and 8 hours in February (can be done mostly at home).

Original Artworks Apprentice: Learn from a 5th grade Lead. Obtain Original Works art from teachers and prepare for Art Show. Coordinate volunteers to setup and takedown art show, prepare Original Works packets, and deliver artwork and products to classrooms.

Original Artworks Committee: This committee is perfect for the art lover! Help Coordinator prepare artwork, setup and takedown art show, prepare Original Works packets, and deliver final products to classrooms. (Spring)

Walkathon & Silent Auction: This is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Sign-up to be an apprentice or lead in one of the following areas:

Urgent WATSA Openings

  • Food Co-Lead (1 needed): On the day of the event, direct parent volunteers and Graham students at Cub Cafe.

  • Craft Corner Co-Lead: Manage craft donations leading up to event, busiest time starts 2 weeks before. Set up Craft Corner before event. Manage sales at Craft Corner during event. Take down at end of event.

  • Replenishment Co-Lead (1 needed) 5-7pm: We have 2 water and orange stations along the walking route. Replenishment Co-Leads manage an orange cutting party the morning of the event. Then they make sure those two stations have enough water and oranges throughout the event. The Replenishment volunteers may need to do some heavy lifting. Also need to supervise Graham student volunteers. *Need 2 co-leads to work from 4:00-7:00. The earlier shifts are already filled and they will provide the necessary training before WATSA day.
  • Auction Event Management Co-lead: Oversee the auction setup and bidder sheets, and coordinate the item procurement at checkout.

Need a job that’s just on the day of the event or from home? Not sure which position is right for you? Contact Ed Stedman (, Cindy Chow ( or Ming Luke ( Want to help, but not ready to commit?  Join the committee to stay updated on WATSA planning and hear about times when general help is needed.

Coming soon: Sign up for your favorite job on the day of the event (Friday, October 6, 2017.)

Community Building

Amazing Race Committee: Help the reigning champions put on one of Bubb's most fun events!  The Amazing Race Committee helps to prepare and run the various stations along the race on the day of the event, as well as the post-race party.

Family Events Committee:  Help our Family Events Co-Chairs to put on fun Family Events throughout the school year.  Past events include the Halloween Dance, Math Night, Science Night, Bubb Beautification, Outdoor Movie Night, etc.

International Potluck Committee: Help the coordinator plan and put on the event.


Chess Coordinator: Communicate with the MVWSD Interschool Chess Tournament and collect permission slips. Attend the tournament (April/May) to supervise Bubb students. Requires a few hours plus tournament attendance.

Field Day LeadWork with the Bubb PE teachers and school staff to coordinate the event in May. Recruit fifth grade and parent volunteers. You can shadow this year’s lead if you’re interested.

Garden Committee Co-Chairs: Need someone with a “green thumb” to lead projects and help maintain the gardens.

Garden Committee: Have a "green thumb"? Join this group to lead garden projects with the kids and help maintain the school gardens. We need help in our two gardens: one for Kinder and one for the rest of the school.

Project Cornerstone: Project Cornerstone is committed to helping all children grow into healthy, caring and responsible adults. We want to build a web of support around every Bubb cub so that they feel valued, respected and known.

    • Lunchtime Reader: Lead storytime with Project Cornerstone books once a month at lunch time (12-1 p.m.).
    • Classroom Reader: Attend monthly training and deliver Project Cornerstone lessons once a month. 2 openings per Room.

Talent Show Apprentice: Shadow the current Talent Show Coordinator and help with coordinating the show date, location, and acts. Responsibilities include advertising, processing applicants, screening content, holding talent show rehearsals, and overseeing the event.


Fall Picture Day Co-Lead: Work with an experienced Co-Lead. Coordinate with office staff, teachers, photographer, and parent volunteers to escort students to get their pictures taken. Requires approximately 8 hours, at school. Photos included!


Kinder 65-minute Club: Have a kinder and older kids at Bubb? Find yourself sitting at the Kinder tables watching your little one while waiting for your older kids to finish school? Then you have 65 minutes you could spend helping out! Sign up for this committee to be notified when your 65 minutes can be put to good use for various school or PTA activities.

General Volunteering Committee: If you'd like to help with various activities on an as-needed basis, please join our General Volunteering email list by contacting our Volunteer Coordinator Felicia Hernandez ( You will then be notified of miscellaneous opportunities to volunteer throughout the year, both during school time and after hours.

Room Parents and Classroom Volunteers: Teachers generally ask for parents to sign up for these positions during Back to School Night. To learn more about these positions visit our Volunteer Roles page.

Do you have certain preferences or requirements? Read on, or contact me at and I’d be happy to help find a good fit.

Programs needing an apprentice: Original Works Art Program and Talent Show Coordinator

2 hours per month: Marquee assistant

5-20 hours all year: International Potluck, First Aid Training, First Day Hospitality, Picture Day, Box Tops, Chess Coordinator, Emergency Preparedness

Can be done at home/off hours: eScrip, WATSA Solicitations Lead, WATSA Data

Work with students: Garden Club

Short Term Jobs: Book Fair (Fall & Spring), WATSA (Aug-Oct), International Potluck (Feb or March), First Day Hospitality (1st day of school), 4th Grade First Aid (Spring), Picture Day (Fall & Spring), Field Day (May), Original Art Works (March & April), Talen Show (April), Chess Coordinator (April)