2017-18 Project Cornerstone Book & Event Summaries

Project Cornerstone Invites Steve Seskin to Bubb

On August 25th, Steve Seskin, the author of Project Cornerstone book Don’t Laugh at Me, will be visiting Bubb to talk about his book and share his vast experience in songwriting.

Project Cornerstone at Bubb August 2017

The Bubb community is gearing up for another fabulous year with Project Cornerstone! This year we will revisit the books in Year C. These are very important books which build on the fundamental lessons we shared the past two years. Your child will learn how to be a good friend (Friends to the End for Kids), how to be Big by making good, responsible choices, and how to deal with their emotions (When Sophie gets Angry - Really, Really Angry.) We will review the importance of following your own inner voice and being yourself (Giraffes can’t Dance), viewing others without bias (Through my Eyes) and feeling empathy (How Do I Stand in your Shoes).  We will also build growth mindsets by focusing on perseverance and self confidence in Sebastian’s Roller Skates. 

Monica Teicher and Carol Huang (pcbubb@gmail.com)