The Bubb Cub Courier

The Bubb Cub Courier, a student-written newspaper, officially launched in November 2013! Students from all grades may write and submit Bubb-related articles and drawings. Writing ideas include: Current events at Bubb, interviews with teachers/staff, book reviews, movie reviews, walkathon stories, sports (e.g., 4-square rules, sportsmanship), entertainment, Project Cornerstone tie-ins, human interest, “word on the playground,” who’s who, photography, comics, puzzles, art, world news of interest to students, going-green initiatives, just to name a few! Each edition of the paper will be issued as an attachment to the Bulletin, with printed copies posted at each classroom and at the front office.

Bubb Cub CourierStudents in grades 3-5 may join the Journalism Club editing staff. Editors will be assigned to a specific edition of the paper. The 2016-2017 Journalism Club schedule will be available when the new school year begins.

Suggested Topics

  • Describe your last field trip – for example, Monterey Aquarium, City Hall, “Snow Queen.”
  • Describe donation projects at Bubb – for example, the shoe drive, or the coins for Leukemia drive.
  • Write a food review of your favorite restaurant, or your favorite hot lunch.
  • Write a book review for one of the Project Cornerstone books.
  • Take a poll and report your results – for example, ask students what their favorite ice cream flavor is, or what is their favorite subject in school. It would be interesting to see results in a graph!
  • Write a report about a traveling adventure you had, or are planning to have.
  • Creative writing challenge: write a short story.
  • Write a movie review.
  • Describe a typical day in your classroom, and what your class is currently studying.
  • Write about your favorite recess activity. Explain why you like it.
  • Describe your experience with the drama (theater) program.
  • Create a cartoon or comic strip.
  • Explain the rules for a playground game such as Four Square
  • Hopscotch.

If you don't see something to your liking above, please feel free to choose a topic you are passionate about, then drop your submission(s) in the blue box in the front office. Include your name, room #, the date, and a title for your work.

For more information, please see Mr. Franklin in Room 9.

2015-16 Issues

Issue No. 4: April 2016
Issue No. 3: March 2016
Issue No. 2: February 2016
Issue No. 1: January 2016

2014-15 Issues

Issue No. 5: May 2015
Issue No. 4: April 2015
Issue No. 3: February 2015
Issue No. 2: January 2015
Issue No. 1: November 2014

2013-14 Issues

Issue No. 4: April 2014
Issue No. 3: March 2014
Issue No. 2: February 2014
Issue No. 1: December 2013