2014 WilliamsBubb group photo

Each May, the fifth grade students not only study colonial America, but also live it. Under the guidance of their teachers, these 10- and 11-year-olds recreate Williamsburg, Virginia, 1775, on the eve of a revolution.

Students spend the day assuming colonial characters that they have researched in detail. Not only do they dress in period clothing and take on new names, they also actually work in the trades and participate in the events that brought about the birth of a nation.

Tradesmen and women make candles, build cabinets, and powder wigs in different booths reflecting occupations typical of colonial life. Students perform country-dances, and a well-trained regiment of the colonial militia march through its exercises.

WilliamsBubb is a grand, culminating project for these fifth graders who have immersed themselves in colonial life and revolutionary history in the spring trimester. The entire school and community are invited to come and share in the festivities of the day.


march dance video
Videos courtesy of Tony D'Antonio