New Families FAQ

Hello and welcome to Bubb!

We understand this will be your child's first time as a Bubb student, so you may have many questions as you await the start of the school term. We look forward to meeting you. In the meantime, please read through the section below. Kinder Garden

Before the School Year Begins

For the School Year

More Questions?

Before the School Year Begins

Q. How do I register my child for Bubb?

A. Please visit the Mountain View Whisman School District's registration website for enrollment information. Students must be five years old by September 1, 2017, to be eligible for kindergarten in the 2017-18 school year.

Q. How will I know if my child is ready for kindergarten?

A. Students must be five years old by September 1, 2017, to be eligible for kindergarten in the 2017-18 school year.

In addition, there are many measures which schools and parents can use to determine whether a student is ready cognitively and emotionally. For example, an article titled "5 Steps to Kindergarten Readiness" is available online. Although the Bubb kindergarten teachers do not explicitly use the benchmarks covered in the article, it does provide a good baseline for prospective parents to consider. You can also help your child work on his/her fine motor and hand skills.

Q. Is there a Kindergarten Info Night? How about a tour of the Bubb kinder classrooms?

A. Bubb School hosted its 2018-19 Kindergarten Info Night on Wednesday, December 6, 2017. Principal Cyndee, kinder teachers, and current Bubb parents gave a short presentation and answered questions from parents, followed immediately by classroom visits. Here are the PowerPoint slides used at the meeting. 

Field Day playQ. During the online registration process, there is a question about giving the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the School Site Council (SSC) access to my contact information. What is that about?

A. As you prepare to register your child for Kindergarten at Bubb, please consider checking the box to allow the school district to share your contact information with the Bubb PTA. Each year the PTA uses this information to communicate details on fun school events and to generate bid numbers for you for our Silent Auction. Please check the box to share your information with the PTA. We do not share it with outside organizations, nor do we use it for cash solicitations. All our fundraising is done through member-approved programs like the Walkathon & Silent Auction, Scholastic Book Fairs, Original Works art product sales, eScrip, etc. No one will call your home or email you to ask you for money. Please contact PTA President Tara Schulz with questions.

Q. My child is not scheduled to receive his regular vaccines until after my in-person registration appointment at the district office. Do I really need to get them done before I go?

A. Yes, you will need to show paperwork certifying that you have completed all required immunization when you go to the district office, including a tuberculosis (PPD) test performed within 12 months of your appointment (not before "school entry"). You will not receive your SnapCode to complete the registration process until you complete this step.

Q. When will I find out which class my child is in?

A. For the 2017-18 school year, you can see the lists at Bubb Park on Friday, August 11, 2017.

Also starting at 3:30 p.m. is the Welcome Back Social, where you can enjoy a frozen treat while you catch up with friends, join the PTA, and buy Walkathon/Spirit T-shirts and other Bubb Spiritwear. It is so much fun for the kids to have their t-shirts at the beginning of school, as they wear them every Friday for Spirit Day; they also wear the Bubb t-shirts on field trips. Bring your checkbook, cash, or credit card to the Social. You will also be able to learn about the PTA (Parent Teacher Association), rewards programs, Walkathon & Silent Auction, Project Cornerstone, and other important programs at school. 

The class lists will be removed after the social and then reposted on the Bubb office window on Sunday 8/13.

First Day

For the School Year

Q. When will the calendar for the next school year become available?

A. The school board usually votes on the school calendar sometime in the spring, generally around the February-March time frame. The 2017-18 calendar is available in English and in Spanish on the MVWSD web site and is linked on the Bubb home page.

Q. What does my child need to bring for the first day of school?

A. A healthy snack and a backpack, and a readiness to learn! (The first day of school is a minimum day and school lets out at 11:55 a.m., so no lunch is necessary.) For Kindergarten, backpacks should be big enough to hold a lunchbox, snack, library book, and manila folder (9"x12").

Q: What about supplies?

A. In mid-August, all Bubb families will receive a postcard directing them to a special section of the Bubb website to welcome them back to school. New Families should print out the School Supply Form asking for a donation of $40 so that all students in the classroom may have the same supplies. Parents have found this to be a much easier process in getting ready for school, and teachers can use the summer to look for the supplies they want their students to have when they are on sale.

Q. What are the school hours?

Please see the Bell Schedule.

Q. What do I need to do if my child will miss school?

A. To report an absence, you have three choices: 1) Use the Absence Report form; 2) call 650.526.3480, Extension 2; or 3) email Please provide the following information:

  • Your child's name
  • Your name and relationship to the child
  • Your child's grade, room number, and teacher's name
  • Length of absence
  • Reason for absence

Please note that even though you call in, state law requires your child to bring a written notice explaining the absence upon his/her return to school. If you use the online form or send an email, however, this separate written notice is not necessary. Check the Attendance Policy for additional information.

Q. What if my child will be late for school?

A. Come to the office to get a tardy slip before going to class. See our Attendance Policy page for details.

Q. How does lunch work?

A. Bring your own, or $3.50 for hot lunch. See the Lunch page for more information.

Q. What if my child forgets his/her lunch?

A. The school will get him/her a hot lunch that day, and notify the parents they owe $3.50.

Field DayQ. How about bathrooms?

Rooms 1 and 2 have bathrooms inside the classroom for their students. For all other students, they ask the teacher for a pass and go to the outside bathrooms with a buddy.

Q. Can I help out in the classroom?

A. Absolutely! Sign up in your child's classroom on Back-to-School Night, which usually takes place on a week night a week or two after school begins. For 2017-18, Back-to-School Night will be on Wednesday, August 23, 20176:00-8:00 PM. Note: This is an adult-only event; there is no child care available on campus.

Q. How can I help if I can't do so during the day?

A. There are several ways to help, even if you can't be there during school hours. Many teachers have jobs for parents at home, like prepping art projects or making play dough. They will ask for volunteers for these jobs at Back-to-School night. If you don't see these jobs on a Sign-up Sheet at Back-to-School night, let your teacher know that you're willing to help from home and he/she will contact you when a need arises. In addition, there are many PTA tasks that can be done from home and help not only your classroom but the entire school. Check out our Open Volunteer Positions for ways you can help right away.

Q. Is there after-school care?

A. YMCA of Silicon Valley provides Bubb's on-site child care program for before and after the school day. Registration typically begins in the spring before school begins in August. Space is very limited, so if you are interested, please contact YMCA to get more information ASAP.

Q. What is Spirit Day?

A. Every Friday is Bubb Spirit Day, in which we encourage all students to wear Bubb-themed items to show their school spirit. If you don't already have Bubb gear, don't worry! We will be selling them at the Welcome Back Social in front of the School Office on the Friday before school starts in August. You will receive more information about it in your welcome postcard in the summer. You can also browse our Spiritwear Store to see if there's anything that suits your fancy. There are also other themed Spirit Days throughout the year, such as Crazy Sock Day, Pajama Day, and Crazy Hair Day.

Q. What is Monday Assembly?

A. Every Monday morning the entire school meets near the Peace Tree (in front of the office). This is your chance to hear the latest news directly from the principal, staff, and students, and learn about Walkathon updates, contest winners, etc. In inclement weather the announcements are made over the intercom; if the Monday is a holiday the assembly meets on the following Tuesday.

Q. What are Box Tops?

A. Box TopsBox Tops are special labels you can find on certain grocery items, such as Kleenex boxes, General Mills cereal boxes, etc. Each label will earn our school 10 cents when submitted to the Box Tops organization. Because the Box Tops coordinator will send them in by postal mail, every little extra ounce will count towards the postage. So please follow along the dotted lines and trim the extra edges off your collected Box Tops before you turn them in. They are generally collected twice year, once in October and once in February.

For more information, please visit

Q. How do I find out about school-wide and classroom events and information?

A. You will receive the Bubb Bulletin (containing school and community information) every Wednesday at the email addresses on file with the school office. Room Parents and PTA organizers will enter classroom and school-wide events, announcements, and sign up sheets on Konstella. You can also hear announcements from the Principal, Student Council, and event organizers at the Monday morning assembly. Keep an eye out for Student Council posters too!

More Questions?

Q. It's in the middle of the summer and I have a question, but the Bubb and school district offices are both closed until mid-August. Who can I ask?

A. For kinders in the 2018-19 school year, there is an unofficial Yahoo Group called BubbKinder2018. Parents can use this email group to ask and answer questions related to kindergarten at Bubb, set up group playdates over the summer, etc. If you have trouble subscribing to the list, please email bubbweb@gmail.comPlease note that this group is NOT sponsored by Bubb School.

If you’d like another source, there is also a neighborhood parents Yahoo group called Bagels & Babies. It is made up of Cuesta Park families and many Bubb parents. Consider joining this group as it is a great source of information, and you will find old-timers there ready to offer assistance, whether it's school-related or otherwise. To join, send a message to and provide the following in the message to the group owner:

  1. How did you find out about this group? For example, from the Bubb website, a current member (name please) suggested I join, etc.
  2. What grade is/are your child(ren) at Bubb?

Q. Besides a group list, is there someone that can answer more questions about Bubb?

A. Yes! Please sign up for our Bubb Buddy program. Soon after signing up, you’ll get an email from a current Bubb parent who would be happy to answer your questions. You can also contact Principal Cyndee at

 Thanks so much and we look forward to welcoming you to the Bubb Community soon!